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Our Philosophy
At MGR Consulting (hereon referred to as MGR) we uphold honesty and integrity as our corporate philosophy, honoring every promise we make and fulfilling client needs. By putting ourselves in the place of our clients, MGR stands at the cutting edge of personnel recruitment. We consistently strive for excellence, and continue to be seen as a highly valuable corporate strategic partner.
  1. Integrity & Honesty: MGR corporate values are based on integrity and honesty.
  2. Commitment & Dedication: MGR guarantees to do its utmost to meet customer needs.
  3. Quality & Professionalism: MGR services are of a high quality and professional standard.
MGR Consulting is the subsidiary of the Pasona Group
MGR Consulting is the Taiwan subsidiary of the Pasona Group. Pasona Group takes service and the resolution of social problems as the basic criteria for all business, most importantly for Human Resources. Today Pasona Group has offices spanning the globe, with over 6000 staff, and business turnover in the region of six billion US dollars. Pasona Group stands second to none in the Asia Pacific Region for Human Resource Consultancy.
1.Long standing history
MGR Taiwan was set up in 1988. With over 25 years success in Taiwan, MGR has a proven track record in assisting both national and international companies reach their management personnel recruitment targets. Clients include companies listed in the International Transnational Corporations Top 500 as well as leading enterprises across a wide range of professions and fields.
2.Professional Consultancy Teams
Each MGR Consultant has on average over 20 years professional work experience in their specialist field. They bring a wealth of professional expertise and contacts from their respective fields. Combined with top recruitment skills, MGR Consultants provide clients with the most outstanding consulting and personnel service.
3.Comprehensive Service Provision
MGR consultant services team constantly thinks about how to provide more services to help our client to discover problem, improve workflow, enhance performance. Based on such strong concept, we use our experience accumulated over years to establish consultancy services as following: HR Management Consultancy, EOS and Training and Development.
MGR provides comprehensive recruitment services across all industries and fields. We possess expertise in fields ranging from R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Banking, Management, IT, and HR to Pharmaceuticals.
4.Global Recruitment Resources Service
MGR has offices in major cities throughout Europe, North America and Asia. MGR services and contacts are shared by overseas affiliates, enabling MGR to help companies find the personnel they need in any global location.
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If there are any questions or concerns, please contact us at service@mgr.com.tw or telephone number (02)27082929
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