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1. Integrity & Honesty:
MGR conducts the business with integrity and honesty, avoiding conflicts of interest and conduct that is deceptive or misleading. Respecting confidential information entrusted to us by clients and Members, our activities are directed with respect to the exclusive interests of MGR customers.
2. Commitment & Dedication:
MGR guarantees to do its utmost to serve all customers loyally and protect their interests when performing assignments. An assignment will be accepted only when we can exercise fully our objectivity, independence and integrity to meet customer needs. We perform a search assignment in a timely and cost effective manner while presenting customer information without distortion or omission of any relevant facts.
3. Quality & Professionalism:
MGR commits to constantly surpassing the highest standards of service quality with persistent endeavour. All searches are conducted in a professional manner with promptness, completeness and thoroughness through an appropriate degree of knowledge and experiences. We strive to be accurate in all communications with clients and Members in addition to conducting our activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the expression of our values and our virtues.
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