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Alex Hsu
General Manager of MGR Taiwan
Alex Hsu serves as General Manager of MGR Taiwan, Pasona Asia Group. Prior to joining Pasona Group, he worked for American Express as their Human Resources Manager. Mr. Hsu has over 25 years experience in Human Resources. Mr. Hsu joined Pasona in 1991, and has been leading the executive search team in Taiwan and other branches in the Asia Pacific region including Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His remarkable performance won him the “Pasona Manager of the Year” award. In addition, he has written three best-selling books which are still on the market:“Be popular in Market” (1998), “Top 100 Questions for Job Interview”(1999) and “Be a Super Job –Hunter in E-Era” (2000), etc. Alex received his BBA from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and holds his Master in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University in the USA.
Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 05467
Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0003698
Mr. Eric Lin
Eric Lin serves as the High-Tech Talent Search leader and Deputy General Manager of MGR, and has more than 23 years of experience through the MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs), ITRI/MIRL and Gorilla Technology. Eric devoted himself in project management and mechanical design, including computer aided design, semiconductor equipment design, Die Bonder, Flip Chip Bonder and semiconductor packaging processes. Eric also spent several years in mplementation and KM consulting. Eric earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and his Master in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University in the USA. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 5690 Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0005575
Mr. Ken Ko
Ken Ko specializes in High-Tech talent search.Ken had over 20 years of experience in several famous high-tech companies, such as Digital Equipment Corp., Philips, and Topology Research, a top local research firm. Ken’s working experience covered high-tech R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing. Ken holds a Bachelor’s degree from National Taipei University of Technology and a Master’s degree from The State University of New York. Both of Ken’sma jors are in Mechanical Engineering. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 5693 Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0006675
Mr.Jason Lai
Jason is a graduate of the International Business department at Feng Chia University and the Management Science department of National Chiao Tung University. Jason has previous experience with Analog Semiconductor, Mediatek, and Excellence Opto Inc as an administrative associate, human resource and finance commissioner, and special assistant to the president. Jason has accumulated over 20 years of expertise in candidate selection, human resource development, businesses planning and applications, salary management, and finance and outsourcing tactics.
Mr. Morris C.C. Peng
Morris C.C. Peng specializes in Information Technology (IT) and Software talent search. Prior to joining MGR, Morris worked for over 25 years in well known public-listed companies, such as Computer Associates (NYSE: CA) and FIC Group. During that time, he spent 15 years in sales and marketing (with 10 years at management level) and 2 years in ERP Package Solution Implementation. Morris earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from the National Taiwan University of Science &Technology (NTUST) in 1988. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 5760 Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0003795
Ms. Cindy Chin
Cindy Chin specializes in IT and HR talent search. Prior to joining MGR, Ms. Chin worked at Glaxo and Seagate Technology as a counselor, with expertise in IT infrastructure, application development, voice systems, e-business, and customer service. Ms. Chin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Providence University and her Master in Software Engineering from Na tional University in the USA. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 5691 Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0003788
Mr. Paul Lien
Mr. Paul Lien earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from the National Taiwan University of Science & Technology (NTUST) and specializes in talent search for the High-Tech industry. Prior to joining MGR, Paul worked at CTCI, Kodak Taiwan Ltd., and Sino Promise Taiwan as a Sales Director, with 20 years working experiences in franchise development, sales and marketing, and creating remarkable sales records for FMCG, equipment and chemical products. Certification No. of Employment Service : 6776
Mr. Rory Chen
Mr. Rory Chen has an EMBA degree from Chang Gung University. Before joining MGR, Rory worked in Misumi Taiwan, Collimage International, Yung Gee Builder, and Fu Tsan Printing Co. He has nearly 20 years of experience in die & mold, automation, electro-optics, laser, LCOS, LCD, wafer, RFID, water and power engineering, printing, and desktop computer related fields. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 6770 Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0005497
Ms. Judy Ting
Judy Ting serves as the F&A, Legal, Banking and Insurance Talent Search leader and possesses over 20 years experience in management positions, including 11 years in F&A, 5 years in sales and 4 years in business negotiation with MNCs. Judy is recognized for abilities to be professional, efficient and strategic thinking. Judy earned her bachelor’s degree in International Trade from the Tunghai University of Business Administration and her master in Finance from University of Missouri, Columbia in the USA.
Ms. Eileen Jan
Eileen holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from National Central University, Taiwan. She has worked at Taiwan Scott Paper, Estee Lauder Taiwan and Fareastone Telecommunications in marketing, sales, and customer service management positions for more than 20 years. Sean specializes in consumer product industry talent search, focusing on FMCG companies. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 6772
Mr. Henry Wang
Henry Wang serves specializes in High-Tech R & D talent search. Prior to joining MGR, Mr. Wang was employed by UMC, TSMC, Promise Technology and Micronics Co. Mr. Wang has over 12 years of experience in the computer and semiconductor industry. Mr. Wang received his Bachelor’s degree in Control Engineering from National Chiao-Tung University and his Master in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University in the USA.
Mr. Jackie Wang
Jackie holds a bachelor degree from New York Institute of Technology, USA and a Master degree in Information Management and Systems from Monash University, Australia. Jackie has worked for D-Link Corporation, ZyXEL Communication Corp., ALPHA networks Inc. With over 13 years of networking experiences in technical support, product marketing, project management, business development.
Ms. Nancy Chen
Nancy Chen holds a Bachelor degree from National Taiwan University and a Master degree in Economics from Duke University, USA. Nancy has worked for Acer Peripherals Inc., BenQ Corporation and Systex Corporation in high-level managerial positions in Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, Branding, Corporate Communications, and Information Technology for more than 15 years. Level Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 6778 Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0005496
Mr. Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee serves in high-tech (major in IT industry) sales, marketing, and PM talent search and placement. Before joining MGR, Sammy worked for 16 years selling software license and IT security solutions in Taiwan and APAC markets for industries such as: Dynalab Inc, Trend Micro Inc, and Softnext Technologies Corp. Sammy Lee holds a Bachelor degree in Physics from Soochow University and a Master of Arts degree in Physics from Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Certification No. of Employment Service : No. 6771
Ms. Helen Ho
Helen graduated from National Chung Cheng University with major in Law. Later, she received Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration at Santa Monica College, and LL.M. degree at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Currently, Helen works at MGR Search & Selection as a consultant, and is responsible for talent search in Human Resources and Administration fields.
Ms. Lisa Liao
Lisa Liao serves as Banking & Financial Industry Talent Search; she has more than 10 years working experience in financial industry before joining MGR. such as Citibank, HSBC, ABN. Working experience covered wealth management product manager, Consumer bank marketing strategy and planning, training. Customer communication. And horizontal alliances. Corporate banking business. She earned master degree of International business management in TamKang University.
Ms. Serena Li
Serena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language & Literature from Soochow University. Prior to joining MGR, she has more than 20 years of working experience in domestic market and international trade with sales function, including 14 years as Sales Manager and Key Account Manager for Swarovski. Serena specializes in consumer product industry talent search.
Mr. Neil Hsieh
Neil earns his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Yuan Ze University. Prior to joining MGR, he worked at Philips, BenQ and Toshiba as a EE parts sourcer and digital product division head, with expertise in 3C product line-up, sourcing, product management, quality verification, marketing strategy and business-development function.
Mr. Jeffery Kuo
Jeffery Kuo serves specializes in High-Tech talent search. Prior to joining MGR, Mr. Kuo has 15 years as sales and marketing manager for Samsung Electronics. Jeffery has 20 years of working experience in the semiconductor and computer industry. He earned master degree of business administration in Tatung University.
Ms. Celine Huang
Ms. Celine Huang has an EMBA degree from University of South Australia. Before joining MGR, She worked for luxury industry as Brand Manager and Country Manager, responsible for the management of Brand, Team, Product and Customer service for 20 years. She serves as the consumer product industry Talent Search Chief Consultant and focusing on FMCG companies.
Ms. Shelly Hsu
Shelly graduated form National Taiwan University, majoring in Japanese; she also received her master’s degree from Department of Diplomacy of National Cheng-chi University, majored in Strategy and International Affairs. Shelly had served in ROCAF, involving in information integrated system project management and related personnel training, had experience for being assigned to US and Japan for several times. Shelly also had worked in European Consulting Company, responsible for marketing development and enterprise training course promoting. As a consultant, Shelly is focusing on search for talents form HR and Banking area.
Ms.Jessica Wang
Jessica graduated from China Software Management College as a foreign trade English major and finished some related course in Beijing Foreign Studies University. Prior to joining MGR Search & Selection, Jessica has over 6 years working experience at a well know American VOIP company. She has experience in many management roles including different functions , such as Sales , Customer Service, Business Support. Jessica is now serving in the fields of Consumer and Retail in MGR Consulting. Certification No. of Shanghai Employment Service : No. 0010993
Ms.Nana Li
Nana Li graduated from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, majoring in judicial documents. Nana has accumulated more than 9-year experiences of Law and HR in Chinese companies such as Shanghai Changning District Peoples Court, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai Landseed International Hospital. Her areas of expertise includes Chinese labor relations legislation and institutions, Medical industry HR professional, Employee relationship,Communication skills and conflict management, etc.
Ms.Rebecca Hsu
Ms. Rebecca Hsu has been specializing in talent searching of Information Technology and Software industries. Prior to joining MGR, Rebecca served as sales manager and product manager roles in global well-known IT companies, such as IBM(9+ years) Apple, Lenovo and Cisco during past 18 years. She is familiar with Enterprise IT Solutions industry. Rebecca had earned her Bachelor degree of CSIE(computer science and information engineering) from National Taiwan University and Master degree of Information Management from National Chiao-Tung University.
Ms.Silvia Mao
Silvia graduated from Shanghai University as a Law major and finished some MBA courses related to human resources management at Renmin University of China. After serving in the well-known hat industry group ASI, HeBei Harmony Law Firm and chain baby industry, Silvia has accumulated a wealth of experience in customer service and sales, human resource management and store operations. Her areas of expertise includes FMCG、Retail、Banking、 Finance, etc.
Ms. Cecilia Zhou
Cecilia has 8+ year-experience of foreign trade operation in the traditional manufacturing industry, and 7 year-experience of custom services and project management. Ms. Zhou had provided professional service for Ricoh China Co. for several years with PMP certified by the USA before she joined into our team. She, especially, provides the expertized service in the following industries including semiconductor, auto and auto parts, robotization (AI equipment, and robots), industry 4.0, medical equipment, clothing industry (foreign trades), and etc.
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